Perfect gift for a favorite birder is a click away.

What should you get for the birder in your life? What about a waterproof birding journal for those rainy days, a Universal Binocular Tripod Mount to stifle the shakes, or maybe a bluebird nest necklace?

This is the Snapzoom Universal Binocular Tripod Mount, listed on the Audubon link below and priced on Amazon at $25.

Exactly what will appear under the tree for my birding husband is a surprise, but it won’t be a witty t-shirt or a bird-tourist mug. He got those last year.

This year I expanded my online search and hit the jackpot.

The big surprise has been how fun and educational “birder shopping” can be. I’m still trying to choose between items stashed in virtual shopping carts spread across three websites.

So Yes, Virginia, there’s something for everyone in a vast range of prices and varying degrees of sophistication. (Don’t spread this around, but most of the stuff I’ve picked out, I really want for myself.)

This “Rite in the Rain All-Weather Birder’s Journal” can be had for about $9.

Below are my favorite links to the curated lists on websites I’ve found so far. Clearly this is just a start, and if you have a favorite birder-friendly shopping venue, please tell us about it on the suggestion form at the end of this post. 

From the Audubon Society – 47 wide-ranging suggestions for birders and nature lovers. Click here.

This “Family Bird” necklace from LeCharneJewerly of Las Vegas sells for $25.50 on Etsy.

From the website Bird Watching HQ – Over 40 ideas which are actually links to other venues and divided into categories. The list includes tips from the author. Click here.

From the Because Birds website – an eclectic collection of categorized links, including some snazzy jewelry, other wearables and just fun stuff. Who knew Lego makes bird sculpture kits? Click here.

Little Penguin Cabernet Sauvignon runs about $7 a bottle on Total Wine.

Finally, if the shopping is getting you down, you can always turn to one of the many liquid gifts that can be passed off as an avian present, ranging from a fifth of Wild Turkey bourbon to this bottle of Little Penguin wine, both of which you’ll find listed in these links. If nothing else, your loved one might share a sip with you. 

Send us your gift ideas and we’ll share them with all:

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