What started 150 million years ago — and is just as fascinating today?


One of the most startling developments in all of nature occurred 150 million years ago, when a string of conditions came about that enabled a branch of the dinosaur family to lift off the ground and take flight. Scientists are still trying to explain exactly how this occurred. It remains a breathtaking sight to see a bird soar overhead as effortlessly as we walk down the street.

Brown Pelicans

This month, we’ve added a new feature to celebrate birds in flight, a series of our favorite photos from over the years. There’s no better way to appreciate the dynamics of flight than with a still photograph that captures a bird taking off, cruising through the air, or coming in for a landing. 


The gallery will have a permanent home in the navigation bar of the website and include a select handful of  birds in flight photos. We’ll add more as we come up with worthy new  shots. Some of these are the result of hours waiting for a perched bird to make its move, while others are the lucky clicks that catch a moment almost impossible to anticipate.

We hope you’ll enjoy this gallery and share our fascination for a feat that will forever stand as one of nature’s most impressive.


Roseate Spoonbill

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