by Anders Gyllenhaal


Flying Lesson bird videos collected in one place

Here’s a collection of the videos that are otherwise sprinkled throughout the site with various posts. We try to gather video footage when the topic merits it, or when there’s a visual story to tell. The ability of still photography to capture the lives of birds is unique. Video offers a different perspective, placing you right at the live scene with a focus on birds in action.

The most popular videos thus far go with our story on the battles between hummingbirds, the Great White Pelican, the Youtube version of which you’ll find here; our video of the Owl Nextdoor, which is linked here; and our offbeat video on the Titmouse who joined in (we think) on a banjo tune, which is here.

The player above will skip through a portion of these videos, but if you’d like to see the whole thing, click on the “Youtube” logo in the lower right corner at it will take you to the video. You can also click on the gallery of videos across the bottom of the player to skip around among them. Click here to go to our YouTube channel, which is a mix of short clips and longer videos. 

You’ll also find our “quick clips” videos of favorite birds in a small box on the homepage, and here in a full-sized player as well. These are short videos on birds as they go about their daily routines feeding, grooming, singing. We hope to gradually expand our video library as we post these on Facebook and Instagram from time to time. 

Here’s the player of quick clips:




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