Beverly’s Birding Basics Original – old one

by Anders Gyllenhaal

National birding organizations, all rich with information and guidance for birders:

The Cornell Lab is the research mecca for birders and provides exceptional apps and website tools to help birders identify, study and track species. The lab also offers a curriculum of courses for birders and has built the eBird program that tracks your bird sighting into the largest citizen science effort in the world.
The National Audubon Society, which has local chapters all across the U.S., provides a wealth of bird information and puts on both local and national programs that benefit birders. It’s website is full of bird information, coverage of birding issues and strong advocacy.

ABC works across the U.S. and Latin America to protect birds, set aside land for birds and conduct research ABC provides broad guidance on its website about helping and tracking birds, with emphasis on how you can help with conservation.

ABA was launched specially to serve birders with travel, conferences, guidance and programs. The ABA leads birding trips around the world, has long-standing programs for young birders and a nice selection of birding goods on its site. 

Other favorite resources

Information sources from the essential eBird app (left) to the Sound Sleuth app (above) to guide books like Birds of North America are vital. The wealth of information now available to birders is extensive. You’ll tend to find what works best for you over time. These are some of our favorites. 
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