Photo Galleries (old)

by Anders Gyllenhaal

A list of photo galleries

Warblers come in a rainbow of colors, styles and personalities

They are one of the hidden secret of the birding world: Relatively small, often shy, constantly moving through the woods at a pace that makes it hard to get a good look. But when you do, the rewards are plentiful..

Raptors are the rulers of the birding world

The name raptors alone suggests their supreme role, as does their secondary name: birds of prey. Soaring high above the earth, raptors are among the easiest birds to follow -- and are the most exciting to watch in action.

Catching a bird in flight is one of the wonders of this passtime

Its hard to appreciate the beauty and science of flight without the help of a camera. Most birds are so fast that we have to find a way to slow down their actions to understand and appreciate flight. Here's a gallery of birds in various stages of flight, from takeoff to landing and everything in between.

Birds are constantly in a fascinating pursuit of a food

One of the subplots of the birding world is how and where to find food for themselves and their families. It dictates much of spring and fall migrations -- and puts on a show for those who find ways of watching them in action..

Frigatebirds are among the largest and most interesting species

This is a gallery assembled after a trip to an island off the coast of Mexico where scientists are trying to preserve the Frigatebirds and their breeding ground.

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