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Taking off in a cloud, Snow Geese create a winter wonderland

First one, then dozens and finally hundreds of bright white Snow Geese lift off from the marshes in one of nature’s most impressive scenes this time of year. Here’s a look at the arrival of Snow Geese and other winter travelers along the Atlantic Coast. Read More

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Can We Save Our Vanishing Birds?

“The Gyllenhaals are skilled storytellers.” – The New York Tiimes

“A Wing and a Prayer warns for the dire consequences of loss of bird population — and how we can stop it.” – Washington Post

“In this five-star journey into our birding history, present and future, the authors make clear that ultimately, it’s up to us — you and me — to care and to act.” – The Minneapolis Star Tribune

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Why Flying Lessons

This website is about what we can learn from the birds around us. Some of the lessons are obvious, such as the way birds can be a barometer of environmental changes. Others are more subtle, like the way you, as an observer, have to adapt to navigate the world in which birds operate. We ourselves still have plenty to learn about birding, a late-in-life pursuit that has captivated us in retirement.

But we decided to start writing about the lessons and teachings as we’re finding our way, in hopes that our storytelling and photography – including our upcoming book for Simon & Schuster titled “A Wing and a Prayer: The Race to Save our Vanishing Birds” – will help to celebrate a captivating element of nature.