“Where’d he go?” A birds-eye view of life in the nest


She pokes her head from the hole and glances first right, then left, then right again, clearly looking for a mate who’s been gone too long.

It’s feeding time at this tiny home on the edge of Florida’s Lake Kissimmee, judging from the relay race these Red-bellied Woodpeckers are running. Every few minutes, one returns from foraging to take over nest duties while the other races out the door and flies off.

All over Florida, the first of the breeding species are raising a new generation of chicks. This is one tale best told in pictures, as the birds run a hectic routine familiar to any parent, feathered and otherwise. Here’s the story, and you’ll get the details if you run your cursor over the photos as you go.



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  1. I am moving to Maryland from South Carolina next month and want to get more into birding. Any suggestions of clubs or lectures I can attend near the eastern shore and greater DC area?

    1. Anders Gyllenhaal Avatar
      Anders Gyllenhaal


      Thanks very much for your note. There’s a lot going on in DC on birding fronts, which my wife is in good touch with. She’s going to follow up with some details in the next day or so. You’ll also find that the Eastern Shore is a terrific place to go birding, including spots such as Assateague, the Blackwater refuge, Pokemoke State Park, Tuckahoe State Park, and then farther south in the Virginia portion, a number of great spots as you get close tot the bridge to Norfolk.

      Watch for Beverly’s message on DC.


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